Ranking Three Potential Landing Spots For Jazz Chisolm

Marlins center fielder, and middle infielder Jazz Chisolm Jr. is almost certainly going to get dealt at the trade deadline. The Marlins will likely be able to bring in a haul of prospects for Jazz, and in return he’ll most likely be sent to a contending team. 

Jazz is having a decent 2024 so far, hitting for a .258 batting average and a 105 OPS+. Jazz also has recorded 18 stolen bases, with 11 home runs. Chisholm has recorded a fielding percentage of .990 in center field this season as well. Per baseball savant, Chisholm ranks in the 98th percentile for baserunning value, 78th percentile in barrel rate, and the 80th percentile in sprint speed.

Whatever team lands Jazz is getting a 20/20 hitter, and an above average outfielder who provides great value on the basepaths as well. If he can stay healthy, he can bring out his all star form again, reminding everyone why he was the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23. 

3. Houston Astros

The Astros are more likely to target starting pitching at the deadline, but they have the outfield depth in the farm to make a deal with the Astros. General Manager Dana Brown can target a solid starter while also being able to get Jazz for a good bargain, given his previous injuries and time missed. With Seattle’s supposed interest in Jazz, it could maybe cause Houston to look closer into trading for the Miami center fielder. 

Houston would be a great landing spot for Jazz. He could take over the center field spot given Jake Meyers is involved in the trade, and play among the most dominant franchise in the current state of Major League Baseball. Currently still two games back from the Mariners for first place, this would be a great addition to the Astros offense to help maintain a possible AL West lead in the later half of the season.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies don’t have many gaps to fill in their lineup but the center field position has been noticeably less productive than the rest of the lineup. With the current options as Johan Rojas and Christian Pache, Chisolm would undoubtedly be an upgrade. Jazz would feed off of the energy at Citizens Bank Park and join a loaded roster that is contending for a World Series title. While there would be a lot of pressure on Jazz, he’s not moving divisions, and seeing a lot of the similar pitching staffs could benefit him. 

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

While it may not be what most baseball fans want to see happen, the Dodgers are the likely suitor to go after Jazz. The Dodgers always seem to bring out the best in hitters, and Jazz could be another product of that. In 69 games against the NL West, Jazz hit .266 with 71 hits, 15 home runs, and 45 RBI’s. Jazz could hold down the center field spot, while letting Andy Pages and Teoscar Hernandez take the corner outfield spots. It’s time for the Dodgers to move on from Heyward and Taylor, and Outman isn’t looking like he’s going to pan out. Jazz could be the answer the Dodgers are looking for to fill a gap in the outfield.